Monday, August 25, 2014

East Village on the Rise Update

There are always new things happening in East Village, it seems. But here, in EVFreePress, we like to keep our readers updated on what has been going on, the developments as they are being brought to Life.
Today, we update.

Evolution, by Embassy Bosa; FUSE - residents will start moving-in in early 2015.

Construction of FUSE, first phase of Evolution
FIRST is the first project by
FIRST by FRAM+Slokker; first residents are supposed to move-in in early 2015.

Evolution and FIRST, side by side
in the ever evolving East Village

Kind Eddy's Hotel is being
New National Music Centre, looks grand
National Music Centre and the old King Eddy Hotel; NMC is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2015. Until then it is up to CANA to rebuild the old and historic Kind Eddy's Hotel.

St. Patrick's Island Bridge; official opening of the new bridge is scheduled for October 20th, 2014.
Pathway is being
rebuild as we read
The new St. Patrick's Island Bridge - ALMOST THERE

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