Monday, August 11, 2014

Elbow River Traverse - OFFICIALLY OPEN

Elbow River Traverse - Now Open!
It has been over a year since construction commenced on the Elbow River Traverse, a non-motorized bridge connecting Inglewood to the east and Fort Calgary and East Village to the west. But wait is now over as the bridge is officially OPEN!

Pathway users have been waiting a long time for this bridge to be open
Pathway users have been anticipating a long time for this bridge to be open so it is of no surprise that it was being used even before the official opening.

A new perspective of the old Inglewood Bridge which is soon to be replaced
Feature of the new bridge; benches and lights for night-time illumination
The Inglewood Bridge has been, for decades, the main link between Inglewood and Downtown Calgary; there are other small bridges in the area, such as the MacDonald Avenue Bridge in Ramsay, but none are used as much as the Inglewood Bridge, by both vehicles and pedestrians.
However, there were a few issues with continuing to use the Inglewood Bridge as the only link connecting the east and west sides of the Elbow River. For starters, the bridge is over 100 years old and the age is starting to take a toll, especially after the AB Flood of 2013 and with the amount of daily traffic that uses this bridge to get to Deerfoot and Memorial Drive. Also, the sidewalk of the old bridge is very narrow and at certain times of day it becomes almost unbearably crowded with pedestrians, cyclists and other users. The final reason, and maybe the most pressing one, is that the Inglewood Bridge is scheduled to be replaced which will eliminate this access between Inglewood and Downtown for a long time (estimated time is about one year and details on this project will be coming soon to EvFreePress).

Feature of the new bridge;
lights located under the bridge for
creative illumination at dark
Feature of the new bridge; solid handrails

With the Elbow River Traverse all pathway users can enjoy a safe, comfortable and convenient way to get them from one side of the Elbow River to the other.

Elbow River Traverse; connection Inglewood to Fort Calgary and East Village

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