Monday, August 4, 2014

Stampede Park Development; Riverpark, Enmax Park

Stampede River Park Coming Soon
Space is currently vacant, empty
Now that the 102nd annual Calgary Stampede is over, and with the Agrium Western Event Centre open to the public, it's time for the park development to continue onto the next project on the list - the new Enmax Park.
Some of you might know it as Riverpark, since until recently that was the official name. However the name was changed to include the main donor - Enmax.

Indian Village, Penn West Stage, a gathering space
and an outdoor museum are to come with the new Enmax Park

A section of the park already exists
The park is located on the east side of the Elbow River, across from the future Youth Campus which is also a part of the Stampede Park Expansion Plan. Enmax Park will be a a year-round space for events of all sizes and will include an outdoor museum of cultural history, as well as the Indian Village come Stampede.

Pathway is closed
for construction
Walking along the river it's possible to see come machinery at work. Currently it's mainly fixing the pathway that was damaged by the AB Flood of 2013. Construction on the park itself is set to commence soon. 

Construction is done on the new pathway, fixing the
damage cause by the AB Flood of 2013
The development of this park has a budget of $15M and is planned to be completed sometime in 2016.

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