Monday, October 6, 2014

EvExperience Master Plan

The proposed Hilton Hotel of East Village, Calgary
In 2012, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation announced the coming of the third major land deal for East Village - Widewaters Group's Hilton Hotel. In January 2013 EVFreePress published an article giving all the gory details about what is to be expected from this new development, right in the core of the evolving neighbourhood. 

Old photo from 2013, when the parcel
of land was still just a parking lot...
The Hilton Hotel will be located right
behind the Iconic old St. Louis Hotel

The hotel will be located on the corner of 4 street and 7 avenue SE, right behind the historic St. Louis Hotel.

The EVFreePress article mentioned that the hotel will be 208,000 sq.ft, spreading high over 14 storeys with over 300 rooms. There will also be a choice of brand when it comes to accommodating the guests; Hilton Garden Inn on one hand, Homewood Inn and Suits on the other. Each facility will have a private lobby and will offer its own unique services while some amenities will be shared among all the guests. The shared luxuries will include a fitness centre, laundry services, a library and convention centre, a pool, two levels of underground parking and, last but not least, a south-facing rooftop terrace.

Today we just want to share the progress of this development, specifically showing the construction that is already taking place on the parcel of land that is destined to be the home of the new hotel.

Construction has already begun 
Construction has already begun

When the project was first announced Ed Shagen, Widewaters Group's Director of Development, talked about how "thrilled" they are to be a part of the rejuvenating community: "We view Calgary as a young, dynamic city" Mr. Shagen said, to which he added "we chose to invest in East Village because we could see its potential as both a tourist destination and a new commercial core for Calgary".

Construction on the parcel of land of the new Hilton Hotel; set against the
progressing development of the first residential complexes in East Village:
No wonder everyone's "thrilled" to be involved...

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