Monday, October 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Bridge FINALLY OPEN!

 Today was the grand opening of the highly-anticipated St. Patrick's Bridge. The bridge connects East Village on the south side of the Bow River, through St. Patrick's Island and to Bridgeland on the north side of the river. Bringing communities, shores and people are what bridges all about!

Calgary has been waiting a very long time for the opening of this magnificent bridge, which manifests a bridge skipping over water. After the damage caused by the AB Flood 2013 the construction of this monumental project was pushed back a whole year; however the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, along with Graham Construction, were able to keep it within budget.

We won't get into the entire story again; today it's just about celebration via images! 
It was such an event; Druh Farrell was there, Mayor Nenshi, CMLC staff and many guests!
The way into the island itself... this is currently blocked off;
will be open when construction of the Island is completed

These are the view from the middle of the bridge; looking east towards the Island and west towards Downtown.

The new St. Patrick's Island Bridge!

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