Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AVLI on Atlantic, Inglewood Condos

Conceptual image of the final design of AVLI on Atlantic
Inglewood is the oldest neighbourhood in Calgary; for those who don't know, it was a town adjacent to Calgary before the two joined together and Inglewood became a community. However, just because most of the structures were built sometime during the 1900's, it doesn't mean that this neighbourhood has stopped growing, in fact it has been developing continuously throughout the years.
Due to the strength of the Inglewood community every new building must meet the atmosphere of the area and fit the look and feel of this district. Designers need to work very hard to meet those strict requirements, but it seems like it has been working out for the best because the designs are extraordinary.

A different angle; conceptual image of final design.
Photo taken from AVLI Condos website
AVLI, the latest condo project in Inglewood, is no different: Jeremy Sturgess is one of Canada's leading architect. Some may know his recent work - the Glacial Skywalk in Jasper National Park. The goal was to bring new life to the community, while still remaining true to its nature, by designing a building that is an art in itself. The building will be located on Atlantic Avenue (9th Avenue, SE), across from the already familiar Atlantic Art Block.

Here is something about AVLI - In Greek the name translates to courtyard. Chris and Penny Stathonikos named their new project AVLI as a way to reflect this new space and their heritage.

So what can we expect from AVLI on Atlantic?
AVLI is offering a myriad of different living options which include live-work units, two-storey townhome garden terraces, studios and three-bedroom penthouse units. There will also be a guest suite amenity area with outdoor living spaces for entertaining, as well as garden terraces. Only 64 residential units in total, sitting atop a first floor of retail and business. The majority of the condos range from 500 Sq.ft. to 900 Sq.ft. but get to as spacious as 1,700 Sq.ft. Prices start at the $300,000 for the smaller units and end at $1.2M for the largest units.

Show suite and sales centre now open!

Visit the Sales Centre today to view the show suite!

AVLI Condos: 360 Degree View

AVLI Condos: Registration

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