Tuesday, January 20, 2015

East Village's "Year of the Residents"

Michael Brown, President and CEO of CMLC,
laying out the new projects and developments of 2015
Today was a very exciting day for the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, East Village and all those who care about the development of the city... and all Calgarians, really.

CMLC has done so much for the city and the community since it first started pursuing its vision for East Village; it has been about 7 years and the neighbourhood is hardly recognizable - in a very good way!

Lyle Edwards, Chairman of CMLC;
"2015 marks a new chapter"
Earlier today the EV Experience and Sales Centre hosted a media event where three main objectives were discussed - Susan Veres, Vice President, Marketing & Communication of CMLC talked about the successes East Villages has lived through since the rejuvenation process commenced. "I'm very excited about this year" said Michael Brown, President and CEO of the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, as he revealed some of the exciting plans that are coming ahead in 2015. Last, but definitely not least, the latest project of the community was announced by Abed Itani, President of Cidex Group of Companies.

So what's going on?

  • The first new residents of East Village will start moving in during the month of May, as the opening of two residential towers will be welcoming 800 new homeowners.
  • A culinary centre will open its doors to locals and passers-by of the neighbourhood, in the heart of the rehabilitated Simmons Building. CharBar, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and Phil & Sebastian are going to take over the Riverwalk Plaza. Expect this in August this year.
  • St. Patrick's Island will become, again, an integral part of the city when it opens up this coming summer. Activities, beaches, a boardwalk and a variety of different ways to enjoy an inner-city nature is what's to be expected from this new redevelopment project.
  • Cidex Developments Ltd. is joining the community that is East Village, by developing the neighbourhood's first residential-rental project. Estimated value is of $100M. More details on this project will be outlined in next week's article, having a full post all for itself.
  • The demolishing of the old Calgary Police Association marks Riocan Investment Trust's initial step of constructing a new shopping centre with some big names in the retail world.
  • Knightsbridge Homes, as well as Embassy BOSA, will each bring EV a new residential program to expand the variety that East Village is now known for, with a goal to attract new demographics and interest to the community.
  • In February 2015 an improvement program will commence on the St. Louis Hotel to prepare the heritage building for its future within East Village.
  • Progress on the New Central Library will continue as the LRT encapsulation work is finalized; announcement of the process for selecting and integrating public art for the building will take place; and, in autumn, the ground will be broken and actual construction commence.
  • Lastly, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation will acquire the historic and infamous Cecil Hotel and will layout the future development opportunity within the grand scheme of EV's vision.

It's obvious that there is much to look forward to in the coming year and in the far future, within the Oldest, Newest, Coolest, Warmest neighbourhood in Calgary. Some existing projects are coming to an end and some new exciting developments are being brought to life.

With all this excitement it is very possible that you'd want to be involved with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and their vision for the city. Around April-May of this coming year a volunteering program will be laid-out. If you wish to be a Friend of St. Patrick's Island, or a happy volunteer at the moment, you may wait until programming is available, or you may contact CMLC now via their website below.

President of Cidex Homes (left) and the designer (right)
of the new residential-rental project that is coming to East Village


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