Monday, April 20, 2015

More Hype around the National Music Centre

It seems like every once in a while a new story comes to life regarding the new National Music Centre.

Here, at EV Free Press, we've written numerous times about NMC since the project broke ground on February 22nd, 2013.
We mentioned how the Cantos Music Foundation first came up with the idea in 2009 when CMLC was looking for a way to celebrate and rejuvenate the historic King Eddy Hotel. Articles were posted here, describing this 160,000 sq.ft. centre dedicated to celebrating music, and to bringing heritage and future together. You may have read here about the five floors of exhibitions, the radio broadcasting studio and the recording studio, the artists residence, the performance space, the classrooms for education programs, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Hall of Fame, the gift shop and cafe, and the newly renovated and lively Kind Eddy Hotel - that will make the National Music Centre an integral part of Canadian culture. 

So we won't get into the design part of NMC as clearly we all know all about it. What we will be focusing on today is two interesting news stories;

The National Music Centre is now officially called "Studio Bell" after the main sponsors of the centre - Bell. At the celebratory event of this monumental announcement, which happened on April 9th, 2015, Andrew Mosker, President and CEO of NMC said: "Partnering with Bell supports our national vision and ability to connect with music lovers from coast to coast to coast." To which he later added: "We are confident the Studio Bell partnership positions us to deliver on our mission, vision and commitment to honour Canada's music story."

The second story, though slightly less dramatic, truly supports the nature of this centre that is all about music and heritage (with a look to the future of course). In 1968 a certain music group called the Rolling Stones decided to find a solution to the hoity-toity feel of Britain's recording studios. The solution was a studio in the back of a truck - which allowed the band to record whatever, whenever, wherever... Skip to 2015 Calgary, where an electronics technician is working non-stop to restore the Studio On Wheels and incorporate it into the new Studio Bell. John Leimseider doesn't just want to have the truck looking good - he wants it to be back in full working order while still keeping as much of the original set-up as possible.
This truck, this attempt on Leimseider's part, truly represents the heart of the new music centre - bringing together history and future.

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