Wednesday, May 20, 2015

BLOOM - St. Patrick's Island Art

Bloom - the new art installation of St. Patrick's Island, presented
by Canadian artist Michel de Broin

Today, May 19th 2015, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation announced the new art installation for the rejuvenating St. Patrick's Island, as part of the enormous attempt to revive the old park and bring it back to life as one of Calgary's recreational spaces. In the evening CMLC hosted a 2-hour event, inviting hundreds of Calgarians to hear all about the new artwork from the lips of the artist itself.
It has already been discussed how many exciting features will be included in the new-old park, such as an amphitheatre, pathways, play areas and more... so it should come as no surprise that, here too, CMLC had decided to include an art piece - this time by Canadian artist Michel de Broin.

St. Patrick's Island and Bloom will be the
centre of the neighbourhood and of Calgary
 Michel is bringing us a 23-metre tall sculpture which is made out of organically assembled streetlights that create a towering flower. According to de Broin the idea was "inspired by the encounter between the natural landscape of the park and the urban cityscape. The monumental sculpture of streetlights blossomed, softly awakening the island and watching over it at night."

Representatives of the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation seem pleased with the final result and, at least as pleased, with the thought process of the artist. "It's an apt symbol for St. Patrick's Island and the vision that has guided CMLC in our restoration of this valuable public space" said Michael Brown, President and CEO of the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. To which Susan Veres, CMLC's VP Marketing and Communication, later added "the conceptual parallels between de Broin's sculpture and the principles that guided the island's redevelopment are really quite striking... just like the artist's inspiration for Bloom the overarching goals of the master plan for St. Patrick's Island (were) seeking balance and harmony between constructed and natural element."

A panel of current EV artists and CMLC's art personnel
Bloom is the third permanent art installation to come through CMLC's Art in the Public Realm Program, not to mention the current temporary art installations brought to us by the corporation.
The 31-acre master-planned island will be reopening this summer-fall and is bound to be on of the city's most exciting events of 2015!

CMLC; Public Art Realm

CMLC; St. Patrick's Island

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