Monday, May 11, 2015

East Village Making a National Name

Rendering of the proposed 2-tower project by Great Gulf.
Photos taken from the Great Gulf website
Since the process of rejuvenating East Village began, back in 2009 (officially), there have been some major names wanting to be associated with such a unique opportunity in Calgary's life. From FRAM+Slokker, to Embassy+Bosa, to the Hilton... now another grand name joins the 'party' and that is Great Gulf, coming to us all the way from Toronto.

Councillor Druh Farrell, although not surprised, is thrilled about the arrival of national developers to the neighbourhood: "Their approach is often different. They're bringing in high-quality architecture and high-quality public realms. They're raising the bar."

Great Gulf is also looking forward to being a part of the growing EV and is hopeful to bring a unique design to the neighbourhood in the form of two "striking" residential towers.
According to Christopher Wein, President of Great Gulf, the company is very excited about joining the ever evolving City of Calgary: "We think Calgary has got a very dynamic, exciting downtown" said Wein, "we think it's a city that is going to continue to grow and continue to attract lots of young professionals both from within Canada and immigrants coming from overseas." Wein later detailed the reason behind focusing on the residential element of a growing city by saying that "Calgary has a very dynamic downtown with respect to office and retail and recreation. However, we think it is under-served residentially... I think it's historically not had a great deal of truly downtown residential development."

The company is very aware of the economic circumstances that surround the province of Alberta, as well as how it may impact this new idea for additional growth of the city. "Depending on how the market reacts to our project and how sales preform, then we would hope to get started on the project construction-wise as soon after the launch as we possible can" added Wein.

Of course, with the magnitude of such an impressive project, Susan Veres, VP Marketing for the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, also made a comment saying "East Village may be considered a catalyst for this type of investment and this particular project by Great Gulf will be a great compliment to the plans we have been rolling out."

Though not many details are available for this specific project there are some small specs we can share - we can say the plan is to build these towers in 304 Macleod Trail SE; we can also share that one tower will have 22 storeys while the other 24 and they'll total in 443 units combined. The permit was already submitted to City Hall and the hopes are that the company will enter the market in late fall of 2015, or early 2016.

Rendering of the new project by the developers from Toronto;
Photo taken from the Great Gulf Website

Great Gulf; Home

Calgary Herald; Toronto Developer Looks to Build 2-Tower Condo Project in East Village

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