Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Stampede, Almost Here

The last few posts in this blog have been about some awesome milestones in East Village Rejuvenation Project; the new art installation of St. Patrick's Island; the opening of the pathway alongside the Deane House; the grand opening of the new culinary centre that is the old Simmons Building.

Today we wanted to take a moment and celebrate a Calgary Tradition! Tomorrow is Canada Day and, merely 2 days later, the annual Calgary Stampede will take place for the 103rd time!

It's a special time of year in our City of Calgary; new vibes of the old west surround us every which way and many visitors flood the city, giving it a certain atmosphere that only lasts for 10 days...
As the event is fast approaching, final work is being done all over the grounds. People can anticipate riding old and new rides, eating an entirely new menu and, most importantly, access the grounds via the BRAND NEW bridge - the one replacing that which was swept by the flood.

What you see here is just to get you even more excited about this coming event; remember that it's way better when experienced 1st-hand!

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