Friday, June 19, 2015

Grand Opening of the Simmons Building

After years and years of anticipation the moment has finally arrived - the New Opening of the Old Simmons Building!

The historic structure has had a few lives throughout the past century, but nothing compare to the new life it started breathing today. The wonderful councilwoman Druh Farrell reminded me that it was this particular building that started the movement of CMLC to rejuvenate East Village. This celebration is the manifestation of the redevelopment project - preserving heritage by bringing new and modern life to it.
The Good Life;
View from the rooftop patio

A culinary hub is what it has become; yes, it is a strong statement considering how it only opened today, but based on the full house, the smiling faces and the scented tastes there is no doubt.
If you missed the event here are a few shots from earlier today. I'm sure I will see you there in the future!

Thank you Mayor Nenshi and Councilwoman Farrell
for the support and efforts in making this neighbourhood alive again

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