Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The BLOOM is blossoming!

East Village's Riverwalk Plaza - heading west towards the Island;
construction of the new artwork, The BLOOM, can be seen...
A few weeks ago we posted an article outlining all the information and details regarding the exciting, permanent art installation of the new and improved St. Patrick's Island - The BLOOM!
Today, July 14th, 2015, the installation has started to take place as construction of the the artwork has commenced on the island, somewhat adjacent to the new island bridge.

Installing The BLOOM started early this morning and it suppose to be mostly completed in the next couple of days, definitely before the grand reopening of the park at the end of July. 

Although access to the park itself does not yet exist it's already possible to see some improvements of the island, such as lushness of nature, wonderfully curved pathways, a picturesque bridge, an appealing hill and now a hint of art. It seems that this is what the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has made us expect and, once again, they deliver.

Construction of The BLOOM began on the picturesque St. Patrick's Island


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