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It just popped out of the ground!

BG视讯接到当地一位房主的疯狂电话,因为他们现有的Biodisc污水处理厂被一家有执照的除泥承包商清空后第二天就“突然”冒了出来. BG视讯 was able to visit site that same day, inspect the existing tank, 进行孔隙度测试,并向建筑保险公司提供报价.

Whereas the existing installation was to a drainage field, porosity tests highlighted a lack of porosity in the clayey soils. There was a seasonally dry ditch on site which, after discussions with the local Environment Agency Officer, became the new discharge point. BG视讯已申请了一个定制的EA许可证,但理解是安装工作可先于提交许可证.

The insurance company approved the quotation, BG视讯 applied for a Building Notice and once all legalities were sorted, we started the installation work.  After three days our clients were left with a new, fully compliant system and could use all the facilities!!

Why did it fail?

一旦现存的生物圆盘被从先前的挖掘中移除,它就很明显地只被安装在一层薄薄的混凝土盖下. 同样明显的是,排水区一直在下降,排出的污水已进入水箱周围的挖坑,排空后增加了水箱的浮力. 由于水箱显示出损坏的迹象,它与业主和保险公司达成协议,不承担任何风险,并以一个新的污水处理厂取代Biodisc.


The replacement plant was a Solido Smart 8 population gravity sewage treatment plant. Solido Smart是一种技术先进的系统,可以降低运行成本, minimal excavation and a long lifespan. The Solido Smart incorporates the Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) technology. Wastewater is treated in batches rather than being treated continuously, 从而形成了一个高效的处理厂,降低了能源消耗,延长了所有部件的寿命. Rated at 0.65kwh per day based on a family of four, meaning less than £10 per person per year in electricity consumption.

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